The Nature of Pucak Mangu

On October 3, 2009, when it’s a full moon known as a holy day for balinese, we are 7 people going to climb the Mangu Mountain (Pucak Mangu). Purpose journey is  a temple which is named Pura Pucak Mangu.

Ok, let say  we are leaving our office around 9.15 AM (Office: Gumibali Computer), we are going to the first temple which is location in bottom of mountain, offcourse we have to prepare for an extra energy backup for this trip. In Blahkiuh village we stop for Babi Guling (Suckling Page) a very traditional food, well the food is good enough, even some of friend it wasn’t so good, but still can give us an extra backup for the next step.

About 10.40 AM we arrive at the bottom temple, this temple also know as pura pucak mangu, but this temple is not the main destination, off-course we are praying on this temple too for our safety while climb to the top.

Where do we go now? all have the same question, which is none of us know the way to the top, after asking to one person in this temple, we know where the to go.

Actuallywe have to go back to our car, and drive it again and just in front of the tample there is a third junction, we have to turn right and on the next junction is turn left, just drive it until the end then we arriving at the parking area which is the first point for the path.

It’s feel good when we see the the path.. now we are entering this forests….. seems nobody walk in this path before our team this morning. we just realized we starting the step on 11.45 AM. the weather is little bit cloudy when we start, but this will not stop us.

The Nature so untouchable, fresh air and the smell of the jungle… can not saying anything, just forgetting all the stress, we heard the strange voice along to the path, for sure this animal is around us but we can’t see them, it’s fine, it’s fantastic actually! Until we find a small temple, you have to remember that the first temple after the parking area. while walking picturing the moment with lots of style, it still fresh and my energy still enough to have lots lough from our mouth….

Then we are facing the Twin Three, there is two very big three sure this threes are old enough, These three is just like a gateway to enter the second level of the forest. We have to make some offering also before entering this three.

My stamina is dropping right the way, uhhh feel so tired, feels like my blood is pumping very high … this is happen when you have no time to do some exercise. i’m promise my self will do some sports. huh after little break i can continue my journey. it’s very hard for me, after about 2 hours we arrive at the second temple. this temple is a place to take a rest recover the stamina. nice place in the middle of jungle, the sound of nature was very fantastic, can’t imagine if i cancel my journey this time.

After doing a cleanup little bit, we start to have a little pray, and then we continue to open some cakes and fruits from out bag, so it’s will help us to climb to the top, we can see the top already and it seem we are going to fight very hard for it.

Just closed from the temple, we already feel frustrating with the condition of the paths, it is absolutely different, now the path is about 40 degrees to climb and this path also no longer with stairs so we have to more careful to move our steps. Look like every 10 minutes I have to sit, recovering the paint which is already start to bothering me.

I can see The Temple!!!!!   wow my friend loudly telling the other that he almost to the top. the voice just like pumping the second energy to move our steps, still doesn’t help to much just when i see the temple i have to sit down again. huhhhh what a nice temple just at the top of the mountain and after 45 Minute, i reach the top of the mountain.

Deep Breathing, unfortunately we can see the view as we wish it so foggy, but still a fantastic day for this journey.!!! take some pictures to celebrating the moment and after a rest we start to pray for this journey.

I really enjoyed to climb the mountain my ear is clearly can hear the voice of nature, so fantastic.. I will really suggest you to do the same like what i do.

Yes it’s Fantastic!!

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  1. Sounds great trip….nature always healing and a good start to escape from crowded city…

    Wish to try one day, where someone should be lead where to go as guidance

    Have a great; “Wednesday, just realized today is Nov.18.2009”

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